2018 International Songwriting Competition Semi-finalist!

DANI Young knows she’s on the right road with her music as her latest single, Stepping Stones, hits all the right notes.

The single is not only enjoying high rotation airplay on radio stations across Australia and beyond, but has also been recognised in the International Songwriting Competition and is sitting on The Music Network charts.

“I'm so honoured to be named as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for my new single Stepping Stones,” Dani said.

“Every songwriter has doubts about their work, so it's a great feeling to be recognised internationally. This is one of those songs that came alive in the recording studio and really grew on me, and now it's a crowd favourite at my shows with the audience loving to whistle along. To be recognised in this way on my first step as a solo artist gives me great confidence for the path ahead. It's not an easy road but I know I'm on the right one.”

Cementing the road ahead is the chart success Stepping Stones continues to have. Finalists in the ISC will be announced in late April or May.

The single has re-entered The Music Network Country Chart at No. 37 and the film clip is currently sitting in the Country Music Channel’s top 50 chart and slowly climbing.

“I co-directed the film clip and loved every minute of it, using my experience as a video journalist,” Dani said.

“It has just had its American tv debut on Ditty TV and the single has had reviews in the US and UK. I never expected my first solo single to have such a far reach. It’s pretty scary

branching out on your own and wasn’t sure if anyone outside my friends and family were going to hear it, so it’s pretty amazing to have it embraced across borders.”

The song is about living through experiences, or feeling like you’re stuck somewhere, while others are moving on to better things, when those experiences are stepping stones to achieving your goals. Dani drew on her time living in Alice Springs while working as a journalist.

The now Sydney-based artist said the single had exceeded her expectations, reaching No. 2 on the iTunes Country Song Chart on release day and No. 60 on the All Genre Song Chart. “It was amazing to see so many of my fans were supporting my new single without knowing what it would sound like,” Dani said.

Dani is now turning her attention to touring her new music and working on her EP with producers Damien Leith and Jeremy Edwards, with more singles for fans to look forward to.

Stepping Stones is available on all digital platforms.

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Warren H Williams & Dani Young, Australian Country Music Duo. Aboriginal singer-songwriter Warren H Williams, famous for his duet Raining on the Rock with John Williamson, has taken emerging artist Dani Young under his wing. Nominated for a Golden Guitar for Best Group or Duo at the 2017 Australian Country Music Awards, this duo is the one to watch.